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One of the most dangerous things anyone could ever say is, “I think I can do it.” Thinking you can do something can definitely be dangerous when it comes to working with trees. Trees are deceptively heavy and ultimately dangerous. There are videos all over the internet of tree service “fails” where those in the video took the power of trees for granted and that tree ended up crushing a roof of a home or a car. Even worse, some of these accidents can end up in injuries or worse. That is why, when it comes to dealing with trees, you should leave it to the professionals at Tree Works Unlimited.

Tree Service is a very dangerous job for a variety of reasons. Trees are heavy and fall quickly. The way a tree leans, the way it's root structure is growing, and the weight distribution of the tree’s limbs are all factors that come into play when a tree needs to be dropped. All factors that we at Tree Works Unlimited consider when we come on a job. It is this attention to detail that has separated Tree Works Unlimited from the competition. When it comes to safety, we cut no corners, whether that is on the ground or in the air. When a job begins, everyone is in the proper personal protective equipment before a saw is ever cranked.

Tree Works Unlimited is Douglasville’s number one tree service for a variety of reasons. One, we bring a level of expertise and professionalism not often found with most tree service crews. All of our employees are screened before they ever run a saw or drive a truck. Two, we treat your yard like we want our yard to be treated. We have sacrificed tens of thousands of dollars of business due to having to push business back when it rains. We WILL NOT come in your yard to do a tree job after it has rained because it will ruin your yard.

The weight of the trucks and tractors will decimate your yard and we seek to avoid that. Thirdly, when you hire Tree Works Unlimited to do your tree service in Douglasville, you will get a crew that knows exactly what they are doing. Our owner, Robert, has over 30 years of experience in the business. Robert even teaches chainsaw safety classes to people in the community to ensure that those who do use chainsaws do so safely. Tree Works Unlimited can do the job no matter how complicated as is evidenced in our photos and in our videos.

before tree removal
during tree removal
after tree removal

When it comes to working with trees, no matter the job, Tree Works Unlimited is the company to call. We offer a variety of tree and brush services that include:

Tree Removal: This includes the dropping of the tree as well as the total cleanup and removal of all produced debris

Tree Trimming: Pesky limbs over your house blocking your Dish signal? We have you covered.

Tree Cabling – Trees can grow in funny ways presenting safety issues even when healthy. Want to keep that tree that is growing in an unsafe way? Cabling may be the answer.

Brush Clearing – Need a lot cleared for that new pool or home? Tree Works Unlimited can quickly deal with that brush.

24-Hour Emergency Service – Storms in Georgia can be brutal and when those tress fall, Tree Works Unlimited is Douglasville’s most trusted company for storm cleanup.

tree removal

Tree Removal

Trees need to be removed for a variety of reasons. More often than not it is because they have died. A dead tree is a dangerous tree. Dead trees are more susceptible to falling when blown by high winds that result from storms. The combinations of freshly wet soil in tandem with strong winds can easily cause a dead tree to fall and although it is dead, it is still very dangerous. Even with enough rain and strong winds, live trees can topple as well, so you may need to consider having trees that are too close to your home removed as well.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Sometimes, you don’t need the whole tree removed. Full tree removal is expensive and often can be overkill when it comes to what you need. If you have limbs that present dangerous situations for your home or for your cars or if you simply want to improve your signal, you may want to consider tree trimming. Tree Works Unlimited will quickly and safely remove those limbs so that they no longer present a danger to your home, your cars, or your family.

We had Tree Works Unlimited take a tree out of our front yard and grind the stump. The tree was on the power line, so they had to be very careful. Additionally, I'd gotten a good germination on my grass seed in the front yard, so that was a complication as well – we wanted to keep the yard in good shape. Robert and his crew were fast, skillful, and very professional with the project and the clean up. They also maintained the appropriate social distance from me and each other with COVID-19 going on these days. All in all, I cannot recommend them highly enough. - Ben T., Douglasville, Ga. 

Tree Cabling

Do you have a tree that you love but you know that the way it is growing or the direction it is growing in will cause it to be unsafe or potentially deadly for the tree. Tree cabling is an option for you. Through the use of cables, trees with split trunks or trees growing in precarious directions can be directed to grow a different way or direction so that the tree can be saved and so that it no longer presents a danger.

tree cabling

Brush Clearing

Underbrush can be a huge challenge to clear. Most underbrush is far too thick for a weed eater to handle and driving a lawn mower through saplings is a quick way to dull the blade. Call Tree Works Unlimited today and we can deal with the brush for you. We will use a bobcat in concert with chainsaws to make quick work of that area of small brush and trees you have been desperate to clean out. So, if you are looking to get that pool installed or to clear that lot for your new home, call us today for your free Brush Clearing quote.

brust removal and land clearing

Could not possibly be happier! With out a doubt some of the most professional workers I have experienced in a long, long time. They left my property cleaner than it was when they started. I have used three different tree services before, over the 30 years iI have had this property. Tree Works is the only one that will ever set foot on this property again. I can not say enough good things about Robert and his crew! - Pam S., Douglasville, Ga. 

emergency tree service

24-Hour Emergency Tree Service

Georgia is known for having temperamental weather. A snap of the finger later and the weather has changed. Unfortunately, with that comes the prospect of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. When there is heavy rain followed by strong winds, trees tend to fall. Georgia clay is so famous it has its own name. But, Georgia clay can turn to mush quickly when mixed with water. Most trees’ root structures perform poorly when they are in this environment and then they are blown with hurricane force winds. Trust Tree Works Unlimited when it comes to your storm clean up. We are Douglasville’s go-to company for storm damage cleanup.

Robert has been our tree man since he started 1990! Wouldn't use any one else!! He has been here 4 or 5 times over 15-20 trees. Also removed lower branches so grass could get more sun. As a job gets underway and trees & brush gets cleared I've been able to add more trees for an extra pricing and always with a smile. Pricing: first job I got three estimates and went with Robert after he cut the first tree I new we picked a GEM!! After 26 years why change? He is on time, does it fast, safely.. U will be happy u picked him. -Jill B. Douglasville, Ga

Whatever tree service you are in need of, Tree Works Unlimited it the company to call. However, choosing a tree service can be challenging if you do not know what to look for. So, if you decide not to use Tree Works Unlimited, we still feel it is important that you choose a trusted, reputable tree care provider to handle the tree service and we hope we can give you some direction in that regard. So, some things to look for in a tree service in Douglasville are:

1) Professional: How professional is the company you are looking to hire? You want to look for a couple of things. You want to make sure that when you called, they treated you with courtesy and respect and were willing to answer any and all questions without making you feel rushed. Often, we don’t answer the phone because we view it as unsafe to be on a phone in the middle of a job. However, when we do answer the phone or call you back, you have our undivided attention, and any questions you ask we will be willing to answer.

2) Aesthetics: How does the crew look? Tree service is hard work and as a result, it can difficult to hire trustworthy workers who are reliable. Also, it can be hard to take care of equipment after a long day. So, if their trucks and saws look ragged, it is likely they will not take the extra time and care necessary to ensure that your yard is taken care of during the work. One of the things that separates Tree Works Unlimited from the rest is the care we put into everything we do, including maintaining our equipment as a reflection of how well we will take care of your yard and your home.

3) Insured and Bonded: If a tree service that shows up to your home is not insured and bonded, then you need not waste your time. Trees can be dangerous and as such, anything can happen. In the case of a mistake and a tree or limb falls and hits your home or your car, if the tree service is uninsured, then you could be the one footing the bill for any damage they may cause. Something else to look for is whether or not they pay for worker’s compensation. If they are not willing to take care of their workers if they are injured, then it says a lot about how they will treat your yard.

4) Safety: How much does the tree service you are hiring care about safety? What are the policies and procedures they have in place to ensure that everyone on the job is safe. You need to look for a tree service that is exacting in their standards when it comes to safety. They must require helmets, gloves, chaps, ear protection, etc., and if they do not, then they are not worth their salt as a tree company. Tree Works Unlimited is unwavering in our commitment to safety on the job for our employees and for the customers we are servicing.

We know that tree service can be a daunting and expensive endeavor for a homeowner. There are many factors to consider when looking into a tree service to hire. The natural inclination can be to try and hire the cheapest service, but often this results in some of the worst stories of poor service or flat-out theft. If you are looking for an elite tree service in Douglasville (with the local accolades to prove it), then look no further than Tree Works Unlimited. We guarantee you will not find a better, safer, more thorough tree service in the entire Atlanta area.